What Does This Mean?

Marijuana's cannabinoids are immunological modulators, which means they can influence our immune systems.

Cannabis is a versatile plant. The plant might have various impacts depending on our moods, manner, strain, and other factors. Cannabinoids, the molecules found in cannabis, are immune-modulators. This refers to them influencing our immune system in some way, resulting in a wide range of impacts.

According to research, cannabis lowers our immune system, which explains why it has such a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Depending on your immune system and what you're going through, this might be a good or negative thing. Inflammation plays a crucial role in our systems when it comes to viruses and diseases, trapping them and stopping them from spreading. Cannabis may impair your immune system and cause more harm than benefit.


Other research suggests that the cannabis plant has a different effect, such as strengthening our immune systems and assisting them in fighting infections. This appears to be the case with cancer and AIDS patients, where cannabis appears to assist people cope with their symptoms while also strengthening their bodies' response to the disease.

Cannabis promotes apoptosis, which means it kills cancerous cells, according to research conducted on mice with cancer. Another study found that patients with AIDS/HIV who smoked cannabis had stronger immune systems and greater CD4 levels than those who did not (these are T cells that kill the HIV virus).


When it comes to CBD, much of the data continues to support these opposing viewpoints. CBD can damage a healthy person's immune system, according to Essential Health.

CBD can help people with autoimmune diseases, where their immune systems don't work properly and attack healthy cells in their bodies instead of infections, by lowering the severity of their symptoms. HIV, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and other autoimmune disorders are among the most difficult to cure.

What makes transdermal patches more effective than other CBD delivery systems? Your skin. The CBD in a transdermal patch bypasses your lungs, liver, and stomach – places where your body filters out or breaks down the cannabinoids. Instead, CBD is absorbed from the patch through the outer layers of the skin and into deeper layers. You get 100% of the medicinal value of the CBD, allowing for improved bioavailability, boosts your immunity.

For people who want to get their CBD without smoking, popping pills, or dripping tincture under their tongues, CBD transdermal patches are the answer.

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Although there is a wealth of material available, there is currently insufficient research to definitively explain cannabis' effect in our immune systems. The way cannabis interacts with our bodies, like most things cannabis-related, is very customised and requires far more research than what is now accessible.
Before you contemplate using cannabis to treat a sickness, speak with your doctor to see whether your circumstance merits it and if the plant can offer you with the relief you require.

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