Is Cannabis Effective for Weight Loss?

Cannabis (especially CBD) has been linked to weight loss in recent years.

There are certainly a few things that spring to mind when you think of cannabis stereotypes. The picture that most of us have in mind is of a'stoner' reclining on the sofa watching trashy TV while surrounded by a pile of goodies. Of course, stereotypes have their origins, but this does not even begin to depict the full image of cannabis or cannabis users. Cannabis plants, like cannabis users, come in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes.


In a society that places a high value on weight loss, resulting in a plethora of "get slim quick" weight-loss plans and fad diets, it's critical to look into the science behind weight-loss promises in order to make informed and healthy decisions. The weight loss business was estimated to be worth $72 billion in 2018, and it has continued to grow, resulting in many corporations betting on our desire to lose weight.

Before diving into the data on cannabis and weight reduction, it's crucial to remember that when it comes to losing weight, health should come first. As a result, no weight-loss strategy, including cannabis, should be utilised alone. Cannabis should be consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes a well-balanced diet and regular exercise.

Cannabis and Appetite
As previously said, many people assume that cannabis enhances appetite, causing users to experience the munchies. That isn't always the case; a 2018 study discovered that medical cannabis users had a reduced BMI independent of their calorie intake. CBD was also proven to reduce appetite in rats in a 2012 study. Researchers have recently identified THCV as one of the cannabinoids that aids in appetite control, implying that cannabis can aid in weight loss. THCV is comparable to THC, but it has a three-carbon group instead of a five-carbon group, and it is thought to be slightly less psychotropic than THC.

More research is needed to completely understand how cannabis and CBD affect human appetite, but we do know that different cannabis strains have radically varying effects on people's appetites.

Cannabis and Metabolism
CBD affects metabolism by turning 'bad' fats (i.e. white fats) into 'healthier fats,' according to research (i.e. brown fats). This is referred to as fat browning. Brown fat burns more easily, therefore it can help you lose weight.

Insulin levels are another important factor in fat storage in the body. CBD aids in the reduction of fasting insulin levels (circulating levels of insulin). Insulin levels in the bloodstream rise, causing glucose to be converted into fats for storage.

In obese rats, these factors have been proven to lower cholesterol levels. More research is needed to fully comprehend the relationship between cannabis and metabolism, as well as how it pertains to weight reduction and metabolic illnesses such as diabetes.

There are a variety of reasons why someone could be unmotivated or worried about exercising, ranging from a lack of understanding to body concerns to unrealistic expectations. Managing anxiety can help you not only get started with exercise, but also stick to it. Cannabis can aid with anxiety, however CBD should only be consumed before exercise to ensure personal safety while exercising.

Another issue that can affect motivation to exercise is fatigue, especially after a long day at work or if you're attempting to get yourself out of bed early to exercise before work. Cannabis can help you sleep better at night. The endocannabinoid system is involved in the sleep-wake cycle and sleep homeostasis, according to research. CBD can help people fall asleep faster.


Exercise can make people's bodies stiff and aching, deterring them from continuing to exercise. Using cannabis for post-workout recovery to treat inflammation and pain can make people feel better about their workouts and encourage them to continue doing them.

Remember that exercise does not have to be strenuous; simply getting up and moving your body in any way possible is a good place to start.
It's vital to be suspicious of companies that promote "become slim fast" techniques, and to research the promises made by diets. According to preliminary data, cannabis, particularly CBD, can help people lose weight, but it should be used as part of a well-balanced health and wellness routine.

There are multiple ways in which cannabis can help your lifestyle, we need to burst the myth that cannabis is just smoking and makes people do stupid things. All in All its a very deep industry in which its important to gain knowledge and know its repercussions for our ownself.