Cannabis does not lower your vibrations

Cannabis is user dependent. ⁠

If your vibration is of a lower frequency, cannabis will reveal to you what is keeping your vibration stuck in a lower frequency so you can heal it.⁠

If your vibration is of a higher frequency, cannabis will reveal to you what else you need to heal to keep ascending.⁠

Cannabis responds to intention.⁠

Cannabis can RAISE your vibration if your intention is to align with the frequency of cannabis, versus checking out, numbing, or partying with cannabis.⁠

Without this intention, cannabis may "appear" as though she lowers your vibration because she brings your underlying operating system to the surface and if you don't know how to navigate this space, it can feel scary or as though you "dropped" in vibration. When in reality, you dropped into your subconscious / unconscious mind OR your body, where the low vibrational frequencies are hiding... waiting to be transmuted into higher vibrations.⁠


Your body came with a built-in endocannabinoid system with the sole purpose of keeping your body in a state of homeostasis. This system is innate to the cannabis plant. ⁠

THC is not only recognized by your body, but is WELCOMED and NEEDED by your body... once recognized, the frequency of cannabis harmonizes the frequency within your electromagnetic field. ⁠

As @luvguru4u2 asks, why would your body be designed with receptors for a plant that lowers your vibration?⁠

The moment you buy into a myth such as this one, you are giving away your power to something EXTERNAL as though it has power over you and your energy... when you have a lot of INTERNAL unhealed traumas, stuck energies, and repressed emotions that are lowering your vibration.⁠

- Content by Dr Shelly

She is currently in the process of writing a book on using cannabis to awaken Shiva consciousness within our body by activating our Shakti portals. She is one of the coolest canna activists who has a lot of insights on the correct uses of cannabis that can be used for healing our body, there is a deeper science behind the whole process which will be shared on the circle forum by her.