5 Best Stoner Sub-Reddits to enjoy while you're high.

Hello there veterans and newcomers of the circle forum! I hope you’ve all had an amazing week and are looking forward to winding down on the weekend. You’ve all heard of reddit right? The social media platform from which instagram sources it’s memes from and is regarded as one of the founding platforms of internet meme culture. Now reddit is a goldmine for us stoners to enjoy as we take rips from our J’s or B’s.

Today we’ll be exploring some of the best subreddits us stoners can enjoy when we get high on the weekend.

1 r/oddlysatisfying:

I had to put r/oddlysatisfying at number 1 because the posts on this subreddit give you inner peace and a rush of dopamine. From kinetic sand getting sliced to making and cutting glass there’s a plethora of imagery and videos on this subreddit that are perfect to view when you’re done with your J.

Talking about my experience the first time I hopped onto this subreddit was when I was high with my roommate and wanted to watch something that I could process at the time I came across this post that was a close up shot of things getting cut in slow motion that made me go whoa!

2. r/trippy:

Coming in at second place on this list is r/trippy because of course the title says best stoner subreddit for pete’s sake! Anyway, talking about r/trippy this subreddit covers psychedelic videos, art and gifs. Simply scrolling through this subreddit will give you an amazing trip although a slight warning this subreddit contains flashy imagery that you should definitely avoid if you suffer from epilepsy otherwise prepare to have your mind blown with the amount of trippy content on this subreddit.

3. r/hitsblunt:

Coming up at number 3 is r/hitsblunt. All the veterans already know what I’m talking about but for you first timers out there you ever had a thought which felt like a revelation? If you did then r/hitsblunt is the perfect subreddit to explore the different types of revelations our fellow stoners have had.

My personal favorite thought on r/hitsblunt is *hits blunt* If I’m an earthling because I was born on earth would I be an alien if I was born in space?


4. r/vaporwave:

For my 4th recommendation I present to y’all r/vaporwave! Staring at your screen while being high may be a bit taxing so this subreddit is perfect if you want to listen to some sick tunes that make you feel relaxed and mellow. The vaporwave genre focuses heavily on 80’s aesthetics which is considered as the most vibeful era in the history of our world.

If you still feel a bit dicey about venturing into this subreddit I recommend listening to this track as an entry point to the world of vaporwave.

5. r/animalsbeingderps:

The last subreddit that I recommend is r/animalsbeingderps. For the stoners that love animals but also love watching them being funny. This subreddit is dedicated to sharing instances where animals are caught doing something funny and when you watch something funny while being high a laughing trip ensues.

If you’ve got any subreddits that you'd like to share with us fellow stoners please recommend them in the comments below. Hope you have wonderful and relaxing weekend fellow stoners, peace out!