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    nawazuddin siddiqui

    As shown in the film Gangs of Wasseypur, Nawazuddin Siddiqui is known for being the actor who can stop a chillum at any time. In an interview, he was asked about his vitality, and he admitted that he smokes frequently. He went on to say that he saved each pair of hours that he enjoys doing...
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    Pfizer enters medical marijuana industry with $6.7 billion cannabis bet

    After banking on a cannabis-based bowel illness treatment, Pfizer is joining the medicinal marijuana sector. Arena Pharmaceuticals, a clinical-stage business, signed an agreement with the biotechnology company to acquire a total ownership stake worth $6.7 billion. According to the agreement...
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    A great way for vegetarians to get their dose of protein and other nutrients 🌿

    is there a sample pack or something i can try before switching to this?
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    hits a blunt

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    people die of sugar more than marijuana OD in our country

    i mean i domt know, just saying
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    Cannabis Tea Reduces Chronic Pain

    Cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, are pain-relieving chemicals found in cannabis. The active components in cannabis are absorbed through the digestive tract and liver when you consume a cannabis drink. The tea usually takes approximately 30-90 minutes to take action. What is the significance...
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    THAT 70'S SHOW

    100% correct
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    haathi mere saathi

    wouldnt even smoke it dude
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    mario is a homeless person

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    Training your plants

    thanks for the info homie, been to long since seen your around ;)
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    new hemp food items approved by fssai?

    India’s hemp and cannabis sector are all prepared to hit the next wave of food and beverage products with the Food Safety and Security Authority of India (FSSAI) setting the regulation for allowing hemp to be used as a food source. read the whole blog on...
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    129 is my cvv & card number is mind your own business
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    Training your plants

    can you elaborate on this topic if you have any ideas?
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    best indian brands?

    ofcourse but how do you find a trusted brand or a store
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    LEH - MANALI highway

    i had been in 2017 i kid you not it was max hot in the afternoon
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    Meme Central

    100% agreed. it does
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    THAT 70'S SHOW

    i said "for the win"
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    sign language

    *insert rahul gandhi maza aa gaya voice*
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    Glass Papers

    theyre damn good and slow burning af
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    hits a blunt

    big brain energy